Wireless Networking

On the go connectivity is critical to the modern day workforce. Employees are increasingly relying on mobile technologies for efficient workflow and access to corporate resources. With the growing reliance on smartphones, tablets and BYOD computing, wireless access and connectivity has become mission critical, to the efficient and productive operations of a business. Wireless networking has created a foundation for other evolving business workflows such as real time location tracking services, analytics, mobility, collaboration and enhanced guest services, which can all be leveraged to provide a better ROI on your wireless investment.

Wireless That Works

ArchiTech designs wireless networks that cater for all your business needs including voice, video, data and mission critical applications (including critical alerts and real-time location services). ArchiTech has the methodology, skills, experience, and key vendor relationships to ensure efficient, successful wireless deployments, to meet the dynamic environments of modern work places. ArchiTech can assist with an array of wireless planning, deployment and support activities such as RF planning, design, site survey/coverage audits, control, policy enforcement, RTLS and associated integration works.

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