Network Security

In an increasingly connected and changing IT environment, where network boundaries are disappearing, maintaining a strong network security posture is challenging. Network security needs to be embedded within ICT strategy to fit a framework that addresses the threat continuum: Before > During > After.

Threats to a business are no longer confined to the trusted/untrusted model. Where network boundaries have changed, so to have the threats. ArchiTech help you prepare your environment for potential security threats, through planning, protection, detection and response.

Our mission is to help you manage risk, provide technical controls, achieve compliance, and ensure that you harness the full power of your systems by utilising appropriate security solutions.

Advanced Threat Analysis

Advanced Malware Protection

Identity Services

Intrusion Prevention/Detection

Networking Securely

ArchiTech incorporates comprehensive planning, design, implementation and support services for all security solutions provided to our customers.

We have strong relationships with world leading technology vendors, who have security solutions that are recognised as best of breed.

This enables ArchiTech to assess each customer’s risk profile, resource constraints, and a range of other factors to recommend a solution that is the best fit.

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