Real-time Location Systems

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) can leverage your wireless infrastructure to provide a scalable system that caters for a multitude of use cases such as asset tracking, hospital staff and patient safety, system monitoring (such as temperature and humidity), patient flow, infection control, stock management, asset location tracking – which provide obvious benefits to businesses. ArchiTech has real world experience and expertise with the deployment and use of Real Time Location Systems, along with strong vendor system support. We have successfully implemented solutions that have delivered tangible benefits to organisations leveraging technologies such as wireless and RFID. We focus on determining how location tracking can provide a real business benefit, map the technology capabilities to business workflows and outcomes, and then optimise the system to meet those objectives.

Leveraging Benefits

Real Time Location Services and related technologies can be used in a variety of ways to provide real business benefits such as driving operational cost savings, improvements to security, improvements to safety and improved asset utilisation to name a few. Often the true benefits of these technologies are better realised through specific use case studies, in your specific environment. ArchiTech will work with you to determine the practicalities of the RTLS proposition within organisation, providing practical and relevant use cases for consideration, along with assisting with everything from workflow planning through to deployment and support. ArchiTech strives to make every aspect of the RTLS solution optimised to your needs, in order for you to realise a not only the practical, tangible benefits, but a compelling return on investment for your specific use cases.

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