Alerting & Messaging

ArchiTech has worked with organisations of all types to integrate mission critical communication requirements such as alarms, building management, emergency events, priority notifications, or other such messages getting to a designated person or group of people, as quickly as possible, for immediate action. Typically, such critical communications are tied to workflow processes that require escalation and reporting capabilities. ArchiTech has a wide range of Critical Alerting & Messaging solutions specifically designed for Hospital/Acute Care, Aged Care, Agriculture & Farming, Mining & and more.

Mobile Event Notification

Event notification technology, which integrates disparate systems, allowing staff to receive critical alerts and alarms on mobile devices such as Wi-Fi handsets, smartphones, tablets, pagers, and mobile phones is becoming increasing important in an ever increasingly mobile workforce, and the number of systems that need to be monitored in real time. Rather than just receiving beeps or other simple alarms, meaningful contextual messages can be delivered to the right people, at the right time, to ensure a timely response. Mobile event notification makes it possible to connect crucial alert systems, including nurse call systems, fire, security, patient monitoring and building management, to mobile staff via their wireless communication devices. The ability to reach mobile team members within seconds improves overall work flow, staff productivity, and the comfort and safety of everyone in your facility. Real-time delivery of important alerts to the people who can act on them not only strengthens the efficiency of your operations, but it may also save lives.

Mass notification and incident management solutions provide you with the flexibility to meet an array of different requirements. Solutions range from simple notifications to a pre-defined or dynamic group, to sophisticated incident notification, response, and collaboration. You’ll be able to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time for any critical event.

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